How to Love an ESFJ Long Term

  • A sense of fun

Because ESFJs crave loving, long-term relationships, they will put all of their efforts into creating one with their beloved. Here are a few ways to help forge a life-long bond with the ESFJ:

  • Express appreciation and admiration consistently
  • Join the ESFJ at social gatherings
  • Encourage self-care
  • Do things to help the ESFJ even without being prompted
  • Be gentle and sparing with critical comments

Is an ESFJ Romantic?

When taken with someone, the ESFJ is quite romantic. They are caring and warm individuals by nature. Once in love, the ESFJ will focus their devotion on a partner and nearly worship them.

Is an ESFJ a Good Lover?

Because ESFJs’ primary focus in life is to make those they love happy, they put their energy and enthusiasm toward their partner’s sexual pleasure and fulfillment. While not overly adventurous by nature, the ESFJ will often try new things in an effort to please their significant other. In many ways, an ESFJ derives a considerable amount of their sexual pleasure from making their partner happy.

ESFJ Dating

Dating is not merely a fun way to pass the time to an ESFJ personality type. They are not looking for casual flings or one night stands, as their goal is a secure long-term relationship with a loving partner.

What Type of Person does an ESFJ Usually Date?

Being very sociable individuals, the ESFJ finds all types of people engaging. However, when it comes to being drawn to someone for a potential relationship, the ESFJ looks for someone who stands out from the norm.

ESFJs enjoy people with a spark or a passion within them. Uniqueness and a touch of the unexpected definitely grab an ESFJ’s interest. Also, ESFJs tend to enjoy those who can be open and share their inner selves.

ESFJ personality types do not usually enjoy casual relationships and are unlikely to be a part of such an arrangement. Because of this, they tend to look for people who are open to a serious commitment.

What Type of Person SHOULD an ESFJ date?

ESFJs do well when dating other sensing personality types. This helps both partners with communication since they are coming from similar viewpoints.

Partners who are extroverted go well with ESFJs. There is no need to cajole a partner into leaving the house when social gatherings energize both.

Dating an ESFJ

ESFJ personality types usually bring a good amount of fun to the relationship. They are naturally social and enjoy bringing their significant others into their social circles.

Ushering a mate into family gatherings is also something that ESFJs enjoy. They are traditionalists and strive to create harmonious relationships where everyone is happy. In families, this can be difficult and can lead the ESFJ to a great sense of despair if their beloved and their family clashed with each other.

As natural caregivers, ESFJs will often look after their mate’s needs at the expense of their own, which can cause difficulties over time. At times, the ESFJ’s devotion to their mate may seem to approach the quality of worship, which can unsettle some partners.

They like to show off their partner and cast them in the best light possible. Their need to be affirmed by others can push an ESFJ to focus on outward appearances and unrealistic expectations.

An ESFJ boyfriend will nearly worship his partner and go to great lengths to please them. ESFJ men are committed to their relationships and are not known for infidelity. Because they are more sensitive than they appear, they need admiration and affirmation on a regular basis.