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We offer a comprehensive tree survey and assessment service to develop complete personalised Rise Management Plan To manage trees in public areas. Our Arborist reports and Tree Management Plans are comprehensive to meet any situation including Local Government(Council) Town Planning requirements in relation to your project. Our comprehensive Tree Survey and Assessment Services are personalised meet our customer’s requirements.

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Diagnosis and Treatments of Pest and Diseases

Our Arborists are experts in determining what may be ailing your plants and trees. We provide this pest and disease diagnostic services as part of our onsite assessments. Once we know what is ailing your tree we can implement a course of action on you behalf or give you instructions on what you need to do. The Elm Trees. We have effective ways for the long term control of this pest. We offer fertilizer and rejuvenation treatments.

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Project Management

We can project manage the development of your garden with the health of your trees and vegetation our primary focus. We can refer you to our professional contacts in the fields of Arboriculture, Landscape Design, Landscaping, Sustainable development experts or we can coordinate these businesses on your behalf. We can purchase advanced trees from reliable sources giving you the very best tree stock.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is of paramount importance in the tree industry. A business that embraces a sound OH&S framework should have a lifetime of low injury rates and free of serious injury, for you as the business owner and your employees. From more than 30 years in the tree industry,we have developed a system that is interactive that encourages realistic participation in identifying and mitigating hazards and risks without impacting too much on work quality, expectations and output. With our system each Tree Industry task has its own Safe Work Method Statement and a Safety analysis of the SWMS in one document

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We are the experts in new and innovative ways to build in close proximity to trees. This is critical in ensuring your building project has minimal impact to trees that you may be required to protect or retain on your property and neighbouring properties. We work with architects and engineers to achieve a result. We are always upfront with what is and what isn’t possible saving you time and money.

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Pest And Disease Control

We treat pests and diseases using the latest approved chemicals. We deliver the chemical either as a soil, trunk injection canopy spray or a combination of three depending on the trees individual requirement and location. We control pests such as the Elm Leaf Beetle, Lerps and Psyllids, Peach and Cherry Slug, Oak Leaf Miner. We also use natural biological control methods such as enhancing trees growing environments to encourage native birds and insects.

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Biodiversity Reports

If your development is on bock of land of more than 4000m2 and you are removing native vegetation then you will require biodiversity report. This is a requirement in Victoria set down by the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP). As qualified Arborists we are permitted to do the Basic and intermediate assessments and reports. We do these with our Arborist reports if one is required. For detailed assessments we can refer you to a number of qualified Ecologists who can do these assessments and report where required.

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Tree Assessment

There will never be an absolutely stable tree! A natural failure rate among completely healthy trees is the price paid for the energy saving lightweight structures of Nature. The demand for the absolutely safe tree is therefore contrary to the logic of the laws of nature…..( Claus Mattheck/ Helge Breloer 1998. The Body Language of Trees). Trees are not engineered structures they are living things and like all living things they live and die. As they age they become brittle and frail like all living things. Our Risk Assessments are based on the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4360-2004 Risk Management. We use a Likelihood and Consequence Risk Matrix to analyse the level of risk that trees may pose

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Tree Inventories and Surveys

The tree inventory and survey component can be quite detailed. With our partner Atmap we have developed online assessment tools so that you can access survey information yourself. Once setup it is as simple as entering the details via the Client Login button on this website. Then via a user name and password all the information collected by our Arborists is always accessible to you. This is particularly useful if you are a Camping ground, or School where the management of your trees is part of your Duty of Care. We can customize webtools for you. We use Google Earth map base as standard or ask us about access to Nearmap quality aerial photography.

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Tree Risk Assessment

There will never be an absolutely stable tree!- A natural failure rate among completely healthy trees is the price paid for the energy saving lightweight structures of Nature. The demand for the absolutely safe tree is therefore contrary to the logic of the laws of nature…..( Claus Mattheck/ Helge Breloer 1998. The Body Language of Trees).
It is important to have your trees assessed for defects that have the potential to injure or damage property. A risk assessment by a qualified Arborist can identify developing or existing risks associated with defects in the tree. Targeted maintenance can then be undertaken to reduce risks. Tree removal may also be recommended,if risk cannot be resolved.

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